Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tour starts tomorrow...

and the month and a half of solid writing is done. Not to say that I'm stopping, but it will be nice to break up the monotony a tad with things like social activities, friends, food, shows, and such...

Here's a breakdown of what a month of Syrens Writing is like:

Wake up @ 9
Book tours until 1
Play guitar until 5 or 6
Take new riffs/songs to practice that night and make everybody really angry

Go home and sleep...repeat...

Exciting right?

Well although debatable it has yielded the three best songs we have ever written. The new song grooves along at a cool 225 bpm...
If the dirty looks you will inevitably see Dustin giving me at every show when it comes time to play those songs aren't any indication that's really really fast.

Here's the current score since Syrens songwriting is like a Mav's game:

42 riffs:3 songs:9 minutes

We are a third of the way there!

Tour begins tomorrow. See you soon.


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