Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summer Tour/Album Update...

Syrens will be on tour w/ Love Begotten this June. It's gonna rule. We're totally expecting this tour to turn into a battle of stage presence since both bands seem to be fairly well known for our live least one person is going to break something...

The fun doesn't end there...

Almost immediately after we get home from that tour I will be making the trek up to Ft Smith, Arkansas to fill in for our dudes in the Handshake Murders on their July tour. Syrens will be joining us for a fairly substantial chunk of the tour so come out and watch me turn into a sweaty, incoherent mess as I play two intense metal sets back to back. Hopefully I'll lose 10 pounds and my nasty, globular, fat gut this summer.

As for the album update:
We met again for practice last night and decided we liked some things and disliked some others so here's the current score:

31 riffs:2 songs:6 minutes of music

Good stuff. I'm start some ideas for a new song today.

More to come soon.

Thanks for sticking with us.


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